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Westerberg Chiropractic | About Us

“Our focus is to get relief to the patients as soon as possible.”

Dr. Westerberg adjusting a child.

Dr. Westerberg adjusting a child.

When you’re in pain, you want one thing: to feel better. You don’t want to wait, and you don’t want to experience more pain as part of your treatment.

You’ve come to the right place! Westerberg Chiropractic specializes in gentle, effective care to provide pain relief as quickly as possible.

A Gentle Chiropractor

Dr. Westerberg a chiropractor in Cambridge, works hard to ensure that you have the most comfortable chiropractic experience possible. Using instruments, he’s able to gently adjust your spine to help relieve your pain.
The warm, easy-going atmosphere at the clinic is your first indication of how comfortable we want your chiropractic experience to be.

Ginny, Nutrition Response Tester

Ginny, Nutrition Response Tester

Effective Adjustment Techniques

Instrument adjustments are more precise and require less force than manual adjustments. While Dr. Westerberg offers manual adjustment as an option, he prefers the gentle and effective results achieved using instruments.

You Will Be Handled With Care

Dr. Westerberg wants to be known in the Cambridge community as someone who helps people. He wants you to leave his office saying, “Wow! That feels better.”

That’s why he goes out of his way to make your chiropractic experience comfortable and to provide quick pain relief.

Jaci at Front Desk

Jaci at Front Desk

We Can Help

Our primary goal is to get you feeling better quickly. If you’re experiencing pain in any of the following areas, our gentle approach to chiropractic care may help.

To experience the benefits of gentle, effective chiropractic care for yourself, call Westerberg Chiropractic now.

Dr. Randy Westerberg | Cambridge Chiropractor
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